Low Impact Paintball

What is Low Impact Paintball?

low Impact PaintballSteelTown Paintball Park LOW IMPACT paintball uses smaller paintballs & equipment so it is easier for the player to handle the equipment and the hits stings less when players mark each other! You will play the traditional game of paintball, but this new equipment allows younger players & those that are concerned with the impact to play!

Paintball players who are new to the game are sometimes intimidated by high intensity sporting contests.  Some parents discourage their children’s requests for paintball birthday parties because of the visual impact of paintball games they observe at their local field or on TV. It is normal for parents of minority age participants to be apprehensive prior to that first game.

Your private group can enjoy LOW IMPACT paintball games under our strict supervision.

Specific paintball guns, game organization, and safety protocol slows down the game and limits the shooting proximity, in order to maximize the enjoyment for inexperienced players as young as 6 years old. These games are also ideal for corporate groups and first-timers.

Why Low Impact?

Low Impact Ball SizeOne of the biggest objections of potential paintball players is that they are afraid it will hurt, so LOW IMPACT gives us a way to introduce new players without the full impact of the standard .68 caliber paintball. It is also a great option for younger players. With the standard .68 caliber paintball players must be at least 10 years old to play. With SteelTown Paintball Park LOW IMPACT .50 caliber paintball we allow players as young as 6 years old to enjoy paintball!

  • Age Restrictions
    Participants can be as young as 6 years old! We will allow anyone in the Low Impact .50 caliber party use them! 
  • More Player Friendly
    Because of the Lower Impact, we have seen more moms, sisters, & others that would normally miss out on the party action!
  • Size Difference
    The Low Impact .50 caliber paintball is shown below on the left, while the standard .68 caliber paintball is shown on the right.
  • The Impact
    The Low Impact paintball hits its target at 38% of the impact of the standard .68 caliber paintball!