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Pokemon Fight for the Steel City Gym

Professor Oak's and Professor Willow's Poke-Trainers fight to gain control over the new Steel City gym. Who will win to become the new Steel City Gym Trainer? $15 Entry (Includes All Day Air, 1 Hamburger, 1 Hotdog, @ 2 Waters) $10 Equipment Rental Paint - $55 per case (Pre-Register) ~ $65 per case (On site) Pokeballs (Paint Grenad... More

Paintball For Pets

Animal rescue is a passion of the Savage and Schweiger families. There are five rescue dogs (and a very fat cat) in the Savage home, and three resident dogs and one foster that reside with the Schweiger's. We have seen first hand the importance of animal rescue, particularly with the work done by the Animal Rescue League. So, our goal is to support the ... More