Origin & History of Laser Tag

You know I’ve always wondered how things began. Everything that you see here today had a beginning sometime, somewhere. Every super hero has an origin story. Batman became batman because his parents got shot.

Steeltown Paintball Laser Tag Image

Superman became superman because, well, he’s an alien and he crash landed on Earth because his home planet got destroyed. Spiderman became Spiderman because he got bitten by some radioactive spider. Aquaman became Aquaman because… well who cares about Aquaman.

Anyway, I’m sure you get the point. So what about laser tag? Who on earth came up with the idea of shooting infrared beams at each other? Most of you probably think it was the military that came up with it first. And yes that’s what I thought too! But apparently the real founders of laser tag were actually… drumroll please… farmers! Yes, you heard me, farmers. You see, livestock farmers have this infrared and bar-code system to keep track of their animals, you know cows and such. To do this they had pretty long range laser tag scanners. After a while though, the farmers got bored and started aiming and shooting the long range scanners at other farmers across fields. This tagging soon evolved into a makeshift game that the farmers played regularly to diffuse boredom. I mean how fun can it be to stand around all day looking at cows.

As time went on, the game’s popularity grew, especially among the farmers and soon it reached the ears of the military who saw it as a good idea for combat simulation and training. By this time there were already a few outdoor laser tag arenas that featured simplistic guns that a normal non farmer person could join and play. As word about the game spread even more, the gun designs got more and more sophisticated and interesting.

More laser tag centers opened and by now the military had fully integrated the laser tag system as a viable combat simulation training exercise for various infantry groups. It was only a matter of time before access to the game and guns reached the mainstream consumer! And this happened with the “Laser Challenge” game system. A dual gun set that allowed children to play laser tag right in their own homes and backyards. Sales of this system skyrocketed as the market received it with great enthusiasm. After that, more and more retail laser tag systems were released and by now laser tag gaming was pretty much established as an industry on its own with an international base. Laser tag centers were opened all over the World and on site laser tag services soon begun. More and more interesting scenarios were devised and the technology kept getting better and better till the systems you see today.

The rest as they say is history.

It’s an interesting account don’t you think? Well… more interesting than stupid aquaman’s origin story anyway.

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