Standard Player Pricing

$15 Entry Fee

This includes all day compressed air fills. Bring your own equipment and play all day for one low price

$10 Rental Fee

Includes Gun, Hopper, Tank, Mask and all day air fills. Rental fee is in addition to entry.

FREE Entry for Yearly Members

Yearly memberships available to save on paint and field fees.

Premium Paintballs

Tournament Grade Paintballs 2000rds just $75

Bags of 100 and 500rds available

500rds for $25 and 100rds for $8

Drinks and Snacks Available

Water, Sports Drinks and Soda are available daily. Chips and other snacks are kept in stock. We also grill out on special events, so contact us to find out if we have something special going on this weekend!

Standard Player Pricing

*Important* No outside paintballs are permitted. All paintball guns will be tested with a chronograph to assure they are within safe field limits. Open play is semi-automatic or pump action only, no ramping or full auto maybe used in a public group. Any players using a discount method other than our group pricing reservations will be considered part of our public group, and may participate with other players.